New T-OLED Module: A Step Forward in Design and Functionality

55 inch Transparent OLED module 77 inch t-oled display screen Customized Manufactory company We are thrilled to introduce our latest 55inch / 77inch Transparent OLED modules, which showcase significant advancements in both design and functionality. Here are the key features that set these modules apart: Sleek Silk Print Screen The first noticeable difference is the inclusion of a silk print screen on one of our Transparent OLED […]

Latest in Transparent OLED Technology: The 77-Inch Transparent Screen

CEOLED Transparent OLED module for museum 30 55 77 inch 12 showcase 22 t-oled display screen Customized Video Wall Manufactory company 77inch Transparent OLED Floor Standing Display (1)

CEOLED DISPLAY is thrilled to announce the launch of our latest innovation CEOLED Display in display technology: the 77-inch transparent OLED screen. This new product marks a significant upgrade with its larger screen size, offering unparalleled visual experiences and enhanced engagement opportunities, making it an ideal solution for the retail industry and museums. RK-O77-LTG6 77-inch […]

Innovating Display Technology: the 55/77-inch Transparent OLED Module

55inch Transparent OLED Module 77 inch t-oled module display

T-OLED Module is designed to revolutionize visual experiences across a multitude of industries, including museums, retail, and beyond. RK-O77-MTPA 77-inch Transparent OLED Module 3840*2160 Resolution Net weight / gross: 18KG/30KG 178° View angle Luminance: 200-600 cd / ㎡ autoregulation 150000:1 Contrast ratio INQUIRY TO BUY Versatile Applications for Enhanced Interaction Our Transparent OLED Module is […]

CEOLED Display Shines at ISE 2024 with Innovative Transparent OLED Solutions

In an impressive showcase at ISE 2024, CEOLED Display emerged as a highlight of the event, positioned at booth 6E550. Following in the footsteps of industry giant LG, CEOLED Display stood out as the only company at the exhibition to independently focus on the specialized application of transparent OLED products. Over the four-day event, the […]

OLED Transparent Screens: Revolutionizing Display Technology

Understanding Transparent OLED Display Technology OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) technology marks a significant advancement in display technology. Unlike traditional displays that require backlighting, OLED screens have pixels that emit their own light. This self-illuminating characteristic allows for thinner screens, higher energy efficiency, deeper blacks, and more vibrant colors. OLED transparent screens take this technology further […]

Flexible OLED Manufacturers: Driving Innovation In Display Technology

Flexible OLED Technology: Revolutionizing Commercial Displays OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) technology is transforming the landscape of digital displays with its inherent flexibility, distinguishing it from traditional rigid screens. Unlike conventional displays that use backlighting, OLEDs comprise organic compounds that emit light when electrified, enabling thinner, more vibrant screens. This leap in technology has given […]

Transparent OLED Video Wall Commercial Display Trends

The dawn of Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology marks a significant leap in the realm of commercial displays. Transparent OLED Video Wall brings forth unparalleled benefits and transforms how businesses interact with their audience. OLED is renowned for its exceptional color accuracy, contrast levels, and slim design, offering a vivid and immersive viewing experience. This […]

Introduction to OLED Commercial Displays

Introduction to OLED Commercial Displays Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) are a groundbreaking innovation in digital display technology. They have reshaped the way we think about commercial displays. OLED technology has evolved from a novel concept into a vital component of modern display solutions. It has a rich history of scientific exploration dating back to […]

Interactive Experience: Touch Functionality and User Engagement

The interest in ‘transparent OLED display for sale’ is driven by the potential for interactive user experiences. Transparent OLED screens equipped with touch functionality open up new avenues for interactive marketing, showcasing high-quality visuals and inviting audiences to engage directly with the content. Transparent OLED screens equipped with touch functionality open up new avenues for […]

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