Enhancing Flexibility in Museum Installations: A Case with 55-Inch T-OLED Modules

55 inch T-OLED transparent OLED project for museum display in Spain -suppported by CEOLED LG Display

Museums are constantly seeking innovative ways to display exhibits, aiming to engage visitors and enhance their overall experience. Recently, a museum in Spain showcased a unique approach using 55-inch T-OLED modules. This blog will explore how these modules offer flexible installation options, broaden the applications of transparent screens, and reduce overall costs.

A New Way to Showcase Exhibits

Our Spanish client opted for the 55-inch T-OLED modules for their museum, leveraging their flexibility to create a novel display method. The T-OLED module’s primary advantage lies in its ease of installation, which allows for creative freedom in exhibit design. This flexibility has significantly expanded the potential uses of transparent screens in museum settings, moving beyond traditional flat, static displays.

Key Features of the 55-Inch T-OLED Module

The 55-inch T-OLED module boasts several impressive features:

  • Resolution: 1920*1080, ensuring high-definition clarity.
  • Weight: Net weight is 11.85KG, with a gross weight of 20KG, making it manageable for various installation setups.
  • View Angle: A wide 178° view angle ensures visibility from almost any direction.
  • Contrast Ratio: An outstanding 150000:1 contrast ratio offers deep blacks and bright whites, enhancing visual impact.
  • Luminance: The module supports luminance from 200 to 600 cd/㎡ with autoregulation, adjusting brightness according to the ambient light.
  • Combination Flexibility: The T-OLED module can be freely combined, providing endless possibilities for creative displays.
55inch Transparent OLED Module 77 inch t-oled module display

55-inch Transparent OLED Module

1920*1080 Resolution
Net weight / gross: 18KG/30KG
178° View angle
Luminance: 200-600 cd / ㎡ autoregulation
150000:1 Contrast ratio


Advantages of Flexible Installation

  1. Expanded Application Range: The versatility of the 55-inch T-OLED module means it can be adapted for various exhibits, including dynamic information boards, interactive displays, and immersive visual experiences. This adaptability makes it suitable for different themes and changing exhibitions, ensuring the museum can continuously refresh its displays to attract repeat visitors.

  2. Cost Reduction: Flexible installation not only increases the screen’s application range but also helps in reducing equipment costs. The ability to combine modules means museums can purchase only the necessary number of screens, optimizing their budget. Additionally, this modularity minimizes international shipping costs, as fewer and lighter packages are required.

  3. Enhanced Visitor Experience: The wide view angle and high contrast ratio of the T-OLED modules ensure that all visitors, regardless of their position relative to the screen, can enjoy a clear and vibrant display. The autoregulation of luminance further enhances the viewing experience by adjusting to the lighting conditions of the room.

  4. Ease of Handling and Installation: The relatively light weight of the modules simplifies the handling and installation process. Museums can set up or reconfigure displays with minimal effort and time, allowing for more frequent updates and modifications to the exhibit layout.

55inch Transparent OLED Module 77 inch t-oled module display


The adoption of 55-inch T-OLED modules by our Spanish client demonstrates the significant benefits of flexible installation in museum settings. By expanding the application range of transparent screens and reducing costs, these modules offer a modern and dynamic solution for exhibit displays. As museums continue to seek ways to innovate and engage visitors, the T-OLED module stands out as a versatile and cost-effective option.

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