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Hisense & Paris Saint-Germain promise to take you Beyond Your Expectations

The content of the advertisement reinforces Hisense and Paris Saint-Germain’s overarching theme for the partnership this year: Beyond Your Expectations. The slogan aims to show consumers and fans how Hisense’s products and technology, and Paris Saint-Germain’s star-studded football team, both go Beyond Your Expectations.

In the clip, Marco Verratti, Fabian Ruiz and Nuno Mendes are transported pitch-side after they witness the skills of young footballers playing a match through the sports-mode technology on their Hisense televisions. As the game intensifies, Lionel Messi is brought on to save the match, bringing the young players and Paris Saint-Germain stars an experience Beyond Their Expectations.

Hisense launches this ad off the back of a successful overseas performance in past year. New analysis from Ipsos, a leading market research firm, has found that brand awareness of Hisense in France increased by 8 percentage points since it signed its partnership with the Parisian football club, rising every year since 2020.

Hisense and Paris Saint-Germain have executed numerous projects together in what has been an exciting three-year partnership, from the new LED displays surroundings Parc des Princes to charitable endeavours like the donation of smart equipment to improve digital training experiences for teens in need through the Paris Saint-Germain Endowment Fund.

As Hisense continues to push the barriers of display technology and expand its international growth, this milestone with Paris Saint-Germain showcases its commitment to build strong, sustainable relationships with consumers throughout the world.

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